A lil of Me

Haya…My name is Anggie Naditha Oktanesya..Actually this is not my first blog..The first one I made is on my first Friendster account..But, when I created my second Friendster account, I decided to made a new blog..The content about that two blogs are only about my activity and my self when I was a college student..It’s better if  called a diary…heheeheh…

Hmmm…I am a bachelor law degree from Padjadjaran University..I have a big interest in Human Rights and Humanitarian issues..and also social and environmental..and…I love writing on that issues

It’s been a pleasure for me to spent to whole day by read a good book..or watch some movies..

I never reject the offers to have a kind of sweaty and funny day..playing basketball, jogging, swimming or some kind of little adventure..that’s would be nice..

so..enjoy my page!!



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  1. Kamana wungkul, Anggie, km sibuk sih ya? Nah gitu donk, mau terus menjalin silaturrahim dengan sesama alumni FH Unpad hehehe. Ada beberapa alamat blog saya, yang paling lengkap cuma di wordpress, isinya gado-gado, kebanyakan paper saya wkt kuliah, udah ga up to date lagi mungkin, tapi ya lumayanlah buat nginget2 lagi elmu lama. Salam!

  2. ga kemana-mana ko, kang..Sedang mencari jati diri aja & memilih jalan hidup..hehhhee..
    Apa kabar niy, kang?!Saya udah liat yg di wordpress & udah saya link lho..

  3. oi nggi lo udah gw link

  4. eh nggie kalo mau maen ke blog gue masukin user ID dan password dulu yach, kalo user ID buat anggie : noanggie. thanks

  5. Iiihh ternyata Izmi mau ultah tanggal 5 sept besok, dia aja yg nraktir deh?! :mrgreen:

  6. Yang tuaan aja dulu … yang muda belakangan ah .. kan yang gajinya paling gede yang udah berumur biasanya :mrgreen:

  7. Apa kabar, Anggie, sibuk ya…

  8. Hi
    Apa khabar salam kenal dari sekitar akar rumput…. Nice blog even not to update now… See You in my blog to discus about human interets and community development…

  9. siip
    keep writing^^

  10. Hello Sobat..
    Salam Kenal..

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