RUU Anti Pornografi dan Pornoaksi: A Controversy Amid Various Interest

March 22, 2008 at 11:13 am | Posted in Law and its around | 1 Comment

If we concern to the rumor on TV and newspaper in this couple week, we should recognize the hottest issues raised. Can you guess guys?! Dea Mirela and her husband’s gossip?! .Definitely no!! Truly it’s regards to the debating around the RUU Anti Pornografi dan Pornoaksi (RUU)..So familiar, rights?! Some groups of people are agreeing with this Draft. Deviate with them, some groups are disallow this Drafts. Exactly, what’s fall out from this Draft?! Why does the society give much attention?!

The explanation from the troupe of population that have a positive response to this Draft, states that this Draft is already suitable with the norm of religion. They have faith in the religious conviction as the basis of all human being’s conducts. Numerous number of people strongly arguing on this matter. They claim that porn and porn action will demolish the moral of Indonesian citizen, especially the young generation. Moreover, they said that porn and porn action is inappropriate with greatly aspects, beside the norm of religion, such as the social and educational side. Some party in DPR, for instance PKS and PPP, as well as the well-known Aa Gym and the King of Dangdut, Rhoma Irama are parts of this groups. Another standpoint from this side is that the porn and porn action wide of the mark with the norm, in our culture and traditions which is the east way of life.

This all viewpoints are enormously exact!!!

However, we have to pleased the perspective of people that hold a different view, the group who disallow this Draft. Since we live in the democratic state, the difference of opinion is acceptable.

For that reason it’s better for us to know the point of view from the other extreme group. The opinion from this group can be distinguished into four biggest major concerning arts and the freedom of expression, economic, the right of woman and child, and cultural issues. Now, let’s see their justification for each matter!

The question around art and the freedom of expression generate mostly by the artists. Mostly, they said that this RUU should not give any limitation for them to show their creativity. According to Arswendo Atmowiloto, as the person behind this issue, this issues leads to other significant issues in the field of business and industry.

People that work in the business and industry field give more concern in the term of economy. Nowadays, art has become a business and industry. As the impact of this RUU, there are many magazines that could not release anymore. Therefore, a lot of people had been suffer.

Moreover, some expert believes that this RUU should protect the right of women and children. Some activist from LBH APIK, stated that this RUU should discuss porn from woman’s point of view, such as: (1) Porn is the political issues, (2) there are any differentiation of porn and erotic, (3) Porn is not he moral issues, but gender issues. The Head of Komisi Nasional Anak (KomNas Anak), stated that this RUU should protect the under-age children whose possibly to be the victims of sexual violations. Beside that, this RUU should regulates about the television programs concerning porn which can give bad impact to the children.

The most remarkable factor rolls up from the cultural issues. From the view of group that repudiate this Draft, agreed that this Draft is in contravention with the traditions in some society. According to the fact presented by LBH APIK, in some society, that is very usual for woman naked in front of other people. This is part of their custom.

All arguments above. are right, too!!!

Until the time this article has written, this RUU is still debatable. In this case, the writer has no capacity to judge which argument that right or wrong. However, the writer has some opinion about this RUU:
1. It is better to give the clear definition about porn. Therefore, there are no more different perception.
2. It is better to differentiate about porn and the product of art and creativity.
3. This RUU should fulfill all interest in our society and should cover all aspects in our life.
Since this RUU will give any impact to all Indonesian citizens, it must discussed seriously before it launched to the society. Because, like we all know, the purposes of law it self are fair and welfare.
So..guys!!!Let’s hope that our government will do the best to our country!!!.

(mungkin pas baca tulisan ini ada yang ngerasa klo tulisan ini topiknya udah basi..tapi harap dimaklumi..ini tulisan gw sekitar awal 2006, yg pernah dimuat di ALSA LC UNPAD Newsletter yg terbit pas Munas..pada masa itu kan pembahasan ttg RUU APP lg happening bgt tu..tapi ko skrg perkembangan pembahasannya udah ga di-expose lg ya?!)


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  1. Rhoma Irama? Aa Gym? HAHAHAH! Are they really believe in PROTECTION WOMEN? HAHHAA!
    This draft said that people CAN also PARTICIPATE in preventing the porn women do such as show themselves as a porn media by showing up some nudity.
    Now if I go to malls and wear my short, and it made some pervert turn on, then he could not be blamed whatever he does to me then?
    Or someone could just drag me into jail then and I would be punished 10 years or pay 10 billions rupiah then?
    How abt the rapist that killed his victim and got 4 years? Now I ask ya..will this rules PROTECT WOMEN OR JUST SOME EXCUSE TO MAKE WOMEN IN LOWER PLACE?
    I don’t against the rules that regulate porn stuff and things like that, but it should concern about WOMEN who is also human that have some HUMAN RIGHT TOO…like feel confidence and feel good looking.
    Is that so wrong for Women to dress sexy that you put them in jail MORE than a rapist and a killer? and even a coruptors?
    And the rules is not really necessary..I pay the tax so I have a right to tell ya guys in DPR to stop wasting my money discussing abt things that is not really important. Nobody will wear bikini to the mall unless they are nuts…so there is no need wasting time and money to discuss how to PREVENT THIS..
    and the sentences were so ambiguous, each person can think with their own mind, no clear standard!
    and let people DO ACT to prevent what they think as porn action, is so would make women being tortured and molested more…
    And if those DPR still go with this…hey Indonesia, prepare to be a country without good looking women, bcs your good lookin women are GOING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY when they can be HAPPY..


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